June 7, 2005

Many Happy Returns To The Seattle Maggie!

seattle maggie is our prater girlToday is Seattle Maggie's birthday, and someone pointed out to Cinecultist that it might be nice to wish her happy happy on this here internet. So.

Happy B-Day Prater Girl!

However, it seems that our Left Coast correspondent is also having some turning-28-related-angst, so please leave some love for her in the comments reminding her that a) 28 is not mid-life unless she plans on only being 56, in which case our scheme to take over the senior center movie night is shot and b) she can still totally write that novel of hers. She's still full of the piss and vinegar, despite no longer being newly post-grad.

Come on'. Leave her some good wishes below, we already know you love her more than the CC.

Posted by karen at June 7, 2005 11:37 PM

happy birthday, seattle maggie. what's almost as cool as reading a new post from seattle maggie? seeing 'boyfriend todd' mentioned in the post! what an honor. i hope you had a great birthday. hang in there. i'm sorry the vodka-soaked pasta did a number on your tummy . . . --sourdough

Posted by: sourdough at June 9, 2005 11:48 AM