June 9, 2005

Breaking News From The Eee Vee

From Cinecultist's source on the mean streets of the Eee Vee (ie. whose job does not require him to be in an A/C'ed cube all day) --



I was in Kim's on St. Mark's this afternoon looking for the new Casino dvd. The place was buzzing. It seems that yesterday at around 1pm, the cops showed up, kicked all the customers out, and arrested the cine-geeks behind the counter. Something about trafficking in bootleg dvds and cd. The raid was conducted by the NYPD -- with logistical support from some suits in the employ of the copyright gestapo. A hip village chick showed up to visit her Kim's employee boyfriend only to be told the he'd been busted yesterday, spent the night on ice, and was still at Guantanamo Soho waiting for a judge to spring him.

Well, Casino wasn't on the shelf yet (but The First Amendment Project was*).

*This is NOT a shameless plug by our tipster. No way, no how. Photo courtesy of him, as well.

Posted by karen at June 9, 2005 6:40 PM