July 11, 2005

Hot Time In The Old Town

Cinecultist is melting. July in Manhattan ain't pretty folks and neither is our frizzed out Jew-fro. For some reason this level of humidity has kept CC from the movie theaters in favor of drinking too many vodka tonics at East Houston happy hours, drinking iced coffees in Williamsburg coffeehouse back gardens and drinking margaritas on the rocks in Cuban gardens in Brooklyn.

On Saturday night, we consumed even more liquids in celebration of the dual Reverse Shot birthdays -- Michael and Jeff. Michael's actual birthday is tomorrow, and we can't say enough nicey nice things about our co-worker and one of the critical voices from RS and the RS blog. Someday we think it'd be fun to have a Siskel and Ebert style movie review show with Michael wherein we bicker about movies and then he does one of his truly excellent actor impressions which disolves CC into giggles.

As you can probably imagine, we heartily enjoyed the super geeked out movie conversation you'd expect to hear at an RS summer cookout. Apparently, Todd Solondz was none to pleased with writer Nick Pinkerton's review of his latest and singled him to his distributors. Snicker. We also found ourselves emeshed in a Bergman love-fest which also mentioned JLG and their mutual use of DV (Jean-Luc Godard and digital video respectively, not to be confused with JGL and DvF, ie. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Diane von Fürstenberg).

But don't worry, dear ones. Cinecultist promises to rouse ourselves from our movie slump very soon, just like the rest of the American public. Sure, it's tempting to just sit at home watching episode after episode of Felicity: Season Senior Year on DVD but we know it's our patriotic duty to drag our butts into those plush rocking chair seats with over-priced popcorn in hand. God bless us, everyone!

Posted by karen at July 11, 2005 11:39 PM