July 23, 2005

Some More M.P.

Curious to hear some more Michael Pitt music, Cinecultist poked around the web until we found the following track from Last Days sung by Mr. Pitt. Nirvana-y, no?

Michael Pitt - Death to Birth

The Modern Age's review of Pagoda's performance in New York at Piano's back in June.

Btw, we have some Last Days swag to give away, t-shirt, poster and oddly enough, two guitar picks.

E-mail us at karen[at]cinecultist[dot]com who you think looks the most in need of a bath in L.D. and why -- Michael, Asia Argento, Lukas Haas or Scott Green -- and some weird free stuff could be yours!

Posted by karen at July 23, 2005 6:56 PM