July 27, 2005

Call For Entries

You're a short filmmaker and you always thought it would be cool to see your movies screened on board airplanes...

Greetings from Asiana International Short Film Festival in Seoul, Korea. We are pleased to announce our third aviation, and we cordially invite worldwide short filmmakers to participate in AISFF 2005.

Asiana International Short Film Festival2005 (AISFF2005) will be held in the central part of Seoul, the capital of Korea. Organized by Aiana Airlines, one of major airline companies in Korea and supported by Korea Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Korean Film Commision, Asiana International Short Film Festival has been the first international short film festival in Korea and the first In-Flight film festival ever all around the world by presenting ‘in-flight’ as a new territory for short films. As the ground and sky short film festival, it allows the audience to encounter global short films in transformation.

With AISFF, award films will be screening to around 3 million passengers at the in-flight of the international flights of the international flights of Asina Airlines. AISFF will provide a great opportunity to short filmmakers as an alternative arena going beyond their local and national boundaries, for greater international audience awareness.

Entry Deadline : Aug. 26, 2004

- Festival Date : Nov. 02 ~ 07, 2005, Seoul, Korea

- Application Fee : None

Visit our website for further information. http://www.aisff.org
The entry form is available to download from our website.

Posted by karen at July 27, 2005 9:01 AM