August 10, 2005

How Dirty Can You Be?

At a party a few weeks ago, Cinecultist was standing around having the "what have you seen lately" conversation with a few friends. CC was probably talking up Broken Flowers or Wedding Crashers or something, we can't quite remember. What we do recall is that our friend Ricky told us he'd just seen the Aristocrats and thought it was hilarious. Which really makes quite a lot of sense if you know how he pays his rent, ie. via the site he runs with his friends, College Humor.

Anyhow, CC has no personal recommendation to offer about the Aristocrats because we still haven't seen it yet, however if you have and thought it was the most awesome thing your twisted little mind could ever consume, we suggest you enter the "Be An Aristocrat" contest.

THINKFilm and their promotional partners, and, invite fans of THE ARISTOCRATS to participate in a contest to come up with their own version of THE ARISTOCRATS joke in two different categories: Live Action and Animation. Winners from each category will have their rendition of the joke presented on THE ARISTOCRATS DVD and each will receive $1,000 cash. The contest runs from July 29th through September 30th, 2005. More information regarding submissions via the official website.

In the meantime, here's a link to the South Park version of the Aristocrat joke which may be the first No Safe For Work thing we've ever posted here. Huh. Go fig.

Posted by karen at August 10, 2005 9:05 AM