August 19, 2005


It's Friday, right? Thank goodness. Click away good readers, Cinecultist is too tired to talk.

On Reverse Shot this issue, the kids are discussing the man with the white white hair, Jim Jarmusch.

Michael Russell of Culture Pulp out in Oregon, has a new comic up about drive-in movies.

The trailer to 40 Year Old Virgin, which you're surely going to see this weekend, right? Aaron Out of Focus really thought it was funny.

NYFF 2005 full schedule now available. Drool or curse accordingly.

And finally, regarding last night's highly anticipated show at Summerstage: The hottest moment of the evening captured by Jeff. And it was set to a Fleetwood Mac soundtrack, go fig. As Scott said via text message during the show, that band from the O.C. they're pretty good.

Posted by karen at August 19, 2005 9:06 AM