August 22, 2005

Eee Vee Celeb Sighting

After lunch on Saturday, Cinecultist was wandering around the nabe with Josh trying to ignore the growing humidity with some Sugar Sweet Sunshine banana pudding. Josh was recounting a Jude Law rant previously featured on his blog -- ie the argument that Jude should learn to Keep It In His Pants -- when we simultaneously spotted another bold-faced name, innocently enjoying Indian food for lunch. Passing actor Alan Cumming and trying not to look, CC and Joshie's conversation trailed off pretty abruptly. Then we both started giggling like little school girls.

This may seem pretty immature behavior for cool downtowners like ourselves, unless of course you've seen the commercial for Alan's new fragrance, known quite simply yet blatantly as Cumming.

If only we'd had the presence of mind to turn to the English actor, director, producer and composer and say as he does in his ad, "Well, hello."

Posted by karen at August 22, 2005 9:02 AM