August 30, 2005

Wherein We Try To Get Out Of Posting Via IM Chat

But am tricked into writing a mini-review of Junebug anyhow despite our self-imposed, full stomach-related impediments.

Scene: 11:00 pm. An East Village walk-up. Conversation via instant messenger.

cinecultist: i ate too much dinner. i'm in food coma.
capndesign: haha. where'd you go?
cc: i should blog something but can't. Kitchen & Cocktails on Orchard. It had a good write up from Frank Bruni on Friday.
cd: and did you enjoy it?
cc: it was pretty yum. but as i said, i ate too much. i hate that.
cd: just puke it up.
cc: uh. no. ew.
cd: ok, fine, bad idea.
cc: i went to see junebug last night with jp.
cd: did you like?
cc: yes. see, if i had more to say i would post it on my blog. say something witty about movies and then i can post that.
cd: ah. should i see it?
cc: yes, it's a smart little movie. it may have been over hyped at this point, but i think that might be the problem for all films touted at sundance. it's very observed and contemplative. feels like a fall movie more than a summer one. funny and sweet and sad.
cd: hmm, maybe i'll wait until after labor day to see it. it'll seem more fall-y.
cc: that could be good. ben mckenzie is good in it. you'll hardly recognize that he's from the oc. and amy adams of course, steals the show. she's amazing.
cd: sounds great.
cc: it's as though she thought to herself on each scene "i could have one level of reaction to this. but i'll instead do twice as much and see what happens."
cd: now i just need to see 40 y.o virgin.
cc: yeah, i haven't seen that yet either.
cd: tomorrow night?
cc: hmmm. sure.

And...end scene.

Posted by karen at August 30, 2005 11:28 PM