November 14, 2005

Trailer City: Population Cinecultist

A slightly hung over and bruised Cinecultist (high heel boots + a few vodka tonics + 5th floor LES walk up = bad scene and sore ankle) took ourselves to the movies on Sunday afternoon at Kip’s Bay. Sigh. Cineplexes sooth our savage soul. If you haven’t been to the mainstream movies lately, it’s trailer-polozza out there for the winter films, people. Here’s a few that piqued our interest:

Munich – When our buddy Michael begins waxing rhapsodic for an up coming Steven Spielberg release, CC tends to zone out just a touch. He did edit a whole special issue symposium for Reverse Shot on the guy. However, the trailer for Munich looks totally hott and we see now why many critics are holding out on top 10 lists until they see this historical action flick. Daniel Craig looks hot, as does Eric Bana and we realized while watching the trailer that there really aren’t enough movies that feature Golda Meir. Hollywood, get on that! CC wants more actresses playing Golda.

Aeon Flux – What’s better than ass-kicking Charlize Theron with an anime haircut? An ass-kicking Sophie Okonedo, of course. Seeing her in this trailer, plus the visuals and the promise of feminist auteur Karyn Kusama behind the wheel has CC itching for the release. But then again, we love David Lynch’s Dune, so our taste for this type of thing should be weighed accordingly.

King Kong – For some reason, a scary 24 foot silver back gorilla CC can accept. But 24 foot gorilla battling dinosaurs? This just seems too far fetched. After this preview, Peter “Ultimate Geek Boy” Jackson is going to have to work hard to earn our $10.75 for a screening of this remade epic. Also, doesn’t Colin Hanks look totally bloated here? What happened to him?

Syriana – How much are we loving fat, bearded Clooney? It’s like the fat Elvis/thin Elvis debate all over again. That guy can do no wrong right now. Plus, thriller/politics/Amanda Peet screaming? It’s how you spell awe-some.

Walk the Line – When CC caught an advance screening of this movie a few weeks ago, we happened to be chat with the security guard for the screening room who told us he’s watched this movie about 20 times so far and he still loves it. Between that regular dude’s recommendation and this trailer, you should be very, very excited for this movie. We know a few Johnny Cash purists and while we’re still waiting to hear their final judgment after it comes out, this trailer is surely whetting our whistle to watch the movie again very soon. “Baby, baby, baby, baby” indeed.

Posted by karen at November 14, 2005 9:05 AM