December 12, 2005

Match Point Screening This Week


Is there anything more exciting than the release of a new Woody Allen movie? Okay, scratch that. Is there anything more thrilling than the release of a new Woody Allen movie that's actually supposed to be good? No siree, says the Cinecultist. Hurrah for Match Point! And we saw Anything Else and Melinda and Melinda in the theaters, so we know of what we speak.

The good people at DreamWorks know CC loves the WA and so do our readers, so we have the happy news of tickets to an advance screening this week and posters to give away. The film will be this Thursday, Dec. 15 on the Upper East Side and we have 10 admit 2 plus 20 posters up for grabs.

For the tix, please e-mail CC the answer to the following:

The least likely Woody Allen and hot, young ingénue pairing in one of his films was? And why.

Brevity is the soul of wit, here people -- no graduate school essays necessary. Send all answers to karen [at] cinecultist dot com. Winners will be notified Wednesday morning via e-mail. Good luck neurotics and hypochondriacs alike!

Posted by karen at December 12, 2005 11:13 PM