January 6, 2006

Ultimate Death Match: Worst Movie of 2005 Edition

capn': i finally posted my top 10.
elysecritic: ah hah. i will go see...
elysecritic: i thought for some reason you liked Shark Boy.
capn': uh, no. it was god awful.
elysecritic: i don't know where that came from then.
capn': hmm, not sure.
elysecritic: if there was a ultimate death match between your worst (sharkboy) and my worst (diary of a mad black woman) who do you think would emerge victorious?
capn': oh man, probably the mad black women.
elysecritic: yeah. i think tyler perry might sit on the sharkboy. however, he would be in 3-D, so he'd have that going for him.
capn': good point.
capn': well, and i wonder if i'd like my movie more if I was a child
capn': who was slightly off
capn': and had a couple learning disabilities
elysecritic: and maybe i would've liked black woman if uh...i didn't understand how plot and character development and narrative are supposed to work.
elysecritic: woulda, coulda, shoulda

Posted by karen at January 6, 2006 8:50 AM