January 10, 2006

Hugh Laurie: CC Cries Uncle

cutie Hugh LaurieWhile Cinecultist was at home in the Nor Cal enjoying some rainy weather and quality time with the fam, we stumbled upon an unlikely obsession. Our parents, particularly our wonderful stepmom Debbie, is a House fanatic. One morning while eating breakfast CC sat at the table rapt as she and our Dad had an elaborate discussion of the characters on this show. We couldn't quite follow but we think it had something to do with the relationship between Hugh Laurie, who plays the cranky but brilliant doctor and Sela Ward. Anyhow, we're used to these heated and esoteric conversations at the Day Job or even over dinner with our friends but not while eating toast in Portolla Valley.

Back home in the Eee Vee and home one night this week, we caught two episodes back to back and now get the hype. Hugh Laurie is completely charming and his show is like Law and Order meets Grey's Anatomy though without Lenny Briscoe or interns hooking up in the hospital. Doing a little Googling on Mr. Laurie, who's up for a Golden Globe this coming weekend, we found out he's school chums with Emma Thompson and Stephen Frye from Oxford. Before he was pigeon-holed in American films into the fussy English dad roles, he did witty comedy like Blackadder. This made CC want to go back to re-rent Peter's Friends, a movie Thompson made with Kenneth Brannaugh that Laurie's also in, back when they were our Bragalina golden couple. It's like The Big Chill only with tea and Britishness.

Anyhow, we think we might be hooked now on Laurie's scruffy good looks and flouting of social niceties. Great. Just what we need, yet another unlikely pin-up in our pantheon of h-o-t-t hot actors.

Posted by karen at January 10, 2006 11:44 PM