January 11, 2006

Our Indie Rock Husband

sexy, sexy ben g
Photo by Jeff

We interupt this regularly scheduled movie blog to bring you a little obsessing of the indie rock variety a la our evening Tuesday with our beloved indie rock husband, Benjamin Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie and the Postal Service at the Bowery Ballroom. Bearing in mind that Ben's emo ways do weird things to our sentimentality valve, ie turning it to full on, we have tagged this entry "soundtracks" because we realized during the show that his music is the soundtrack to our heart. Le sigh. So very good.

The Bowery show was a casual affair thrown together quickly because Gibbard is in town to play Saturday Night Live this week and wanted to play accoustic with his buddies Andrew Kenny and Matt from Nada Surf. Mostly it was a chill, highly enjoyable show filled with a set list of favorites and covers, though as Jeff pointed out the hecklers did bug. Sometimes people don't know when to shut the hell up. But other than these slight flies in the ointment, it was the kind of musical evening that fills up our romantic soul. Like a Meg Ryan movie on steroids, Ben makes us want to leave our cynical lives on dirty Delancey as our hearts sour above in some cardigan-infested, black rimmed glasses heaven. We know people who mock us and our love for this unabashed hope as represented by Ben's music but to them, we say (for now anyhow): pbbbttt!

As Ben sings in the Death Cab track "Crooked Teeth":
I'm a war, of head versus heart, /And it's always this way. /My head is weak, /my heart always speaks, /Before I know what it will say.

Related: CC points out to Jen how much Google knows of her similarly obsessive love for Ben.

Slightly less related: On the way to the show, Janelle and CC were trying to out super fan each other and we began discussing All-Time Quarterback, a lesser known Ben side project. So to Janelle, relistening to the record tonight we remembered our favorite track is the Magnetic Fields cover "Why I Cry" because of the toy piano on it. The man both looks and sounds like Schroeder from the Peanuts. What's not to love there?

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