January 18, 2006

Internet Goodness (AKA Weirdness)

A linky link from our artsy co-worker Justin to a website project by artist and director Mary Jordan about the work of underground filmmaker Jack Smith. Includes clips from his films like Flaming Creatures, interviews with fellow artists, filmmakers and even figures from the films, audio clips from Smith and cool artsy type stuff like associative words flying through black space. If you're at all into the downtown cinema scene like the Cinecultist is, you should spend some time poking around this fascinating project. Hey, if you're in a Jack Smith-ish mood, pick yourself up a copy of J. Hoberman's gorgeous book about the production of Flaming Creatures. Stunning darlings. Stunning.

The Subway Cinema newletter today hilariously pointed us to a run of Zinda at the ImaginAsian theater. "What is ZINDA? It is the Bollywood remake of the savage Korean revenge shocker from last year, OLDBOY. Yes - the Bollywood kings have knocked-off Cannes Award-Winner OLDBOY and given it musical numbers (I hope they've given it musical numbers. I, for one, want to hear the octopus solo "The Octopus' Lament") It should be a sight for sore eyes." Doesn't that sound totally weird and thus, completely awesome? We may have to check it out.

Posted by karen at January 18, 2006 10:16 PM