January 25, 2006

Some Call Us 'Star @*cker;' We Say 'If Only'

On Saturday afternoon, Cinecultist decided to eshew our previous vow to see if aqua-eyed Kate Bekinsale could make us love again in favor of Terrence Malick's The New World. However, this is not really a post about the movie, that's tk as we say in the mags business. No, this is about CC's spotting of New York actor Justin Theroux first in the lobby of the Union Square theater and then two seats down from us in the theater. This is the second time we've noticed a movie person in our screening (the first being director/actor Mike White at a West Ville screening of Merci Pour Le Chocolat) and honestly, it's kinda thrilling. As Us Weekly says, celebrities are people too and apparently they also like to get their Malick on some Saturday afternoon.

All through the film (which totally blew us away incidentally) we tried not to be too distracted by our row mate. Ordinarily CC follows strictly the New Yorker's code of no eye contact and leave them be leaves of three but we'd actually spoken with Mr. Theroux previously for the Day Job and thus convinced ourselves it'd be cool to say hi after the movie. Justin couldn't have been nicer and seemed to remember us, or is really good at pretending like he remembered. We chatted about how he's a "total Malickhead" and how great Q'orianka is in the picture and what Colin had said about her to Justin. Lovely.

Although, now that we think about it if Justin is the kinda person who Googles himself we hope blogging about this meeting and how cool he was won't completely ruin Cinecultist's chances to make Justin Theroux our friend. We totally promise not to name drop him or give out his phone number to those who only prize him for his abs*. We could catch a flick at Film Forum or something, chat about this and that. It'd be great. Honest.

Okay, we'll stop now before we skeeve out ourselves even with our silliness.

*The abs you could grate cheese on, according to one of them.

Posted by karen at January 25, 2006 9:22 PM