February 6, 2006

Separated At Birth: Indie Rock Edition

Last night Cinecultist furthered our rampant girl-crush on singer Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley by attending her solo engagement at the Angel Orensanz Foundation performance. The converted church space where she performed -- along with M. Ward and in a one song cameo Conor Oberst -- on Norfolk was totally spectacular looking inside. Though the decrepit baroqueness may have influenced our movie associative thoughts during show.

For some reason, her back up singers the Watson Twins began looking a lot like...

Watson Twins

the ghost girls from Stanley Kubrick's the Shining, though all grown up.


Considering this is one of the scariest parts of that movie for CC (after the cascading blood from the elevator) you can understand our fascination coupled with trepidation seeing them crooning on stage with Jenny.

Do you think maybe their album cover is an allusion to that famous still from the film?

Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins

Our other movie thought during the show: if anyone ever wanted to make another Loretta Lynn movie, they should really cast Jenny in Sissy Spacek's part. She has the look down pat, big hair and wide belts and all.


Maybe Jenny wishes she was a coal miner's daughter instead of being a San Fernando Valley stage mom's daughter. [Thanks again to Jenna for the ticket and Jen for the invite!]

Posted by karen at February 6, 2006 5:14 PM