March 6, 2006

'Crash' Wins? Holy Crud.

Cinecultist has an award ceremony hang over this morning. Probably not as bad as the cast of Crash mind you, but we did sit on the couch for five hours last night watching the pre-show coverage and then the telecast itself, so we're tired today. Though at least we didn't have to go on the Jimmy Kimmel show afterwards and try to be witty like poor host Jon Stewart did.

CC live blogged the whole sordid affair with Jen Chung on Gothamist which was a lot of fun. Jen is a serious fanatic about film and you know CC respects that kind of fandom. So far there are 118 comments on the post, zowie.

In terms of our predictions for the Oscars, we admit we're no Dave Karger in terms of accuracy. We got almost 2/3 right with the wins for Crash as best picture, Rachel Weisz for best supporting actress, Brokeback Mountain for adapted screenplay and Phillip Seymour Hoffman as best actor all coming as surprises. Frankly, this is why we never enter Oscar pools. For the full list of winners with their fellow nominees via

And now, let the "Oscar hates gay cowboys" backlash begin!

Posted by karen at March 6, 2006 8:56 AM