May 25, 2006

Jessica Alba, Stop Sending Us All Those Emails!

Today Cinecultist was scanning through our Junk Mail folder to make sure nothing that was actual mail had gotten caught in there when we saw an email from Jessica Alba. Usually Jessica writes to us at our Gmail account -- ha ha j/k, as the kids say these days in the IMs -- so we checked it out. Turns out Teen People and the MTV movie awards are sponsoring a competition to pick a fan to interview celebs on the red carpet of the award ceremony. The winner of an essay contest about why you'd be perfect on the red carpet in 100 words or less gets to go to L.A., gets to stay two nights in a "cool hotel," and attend the show on June 8. Neato keen, right?

Unfortunately, Cinecultist thinks our essay about how unfazed we can be in the face of celebs (last weekend CC rode in the elevator with Katie Couric at Barney's and didn't even blink) and the fact that we can string together a sentence on the spot better than most E! correspondents wouldn't get us the gig. Maybe if we punctuate every sentence with an exclamation point and use teenage phrases like "awesome" and "totes" every other word? We have to get into that mindset of WWRSD (aka What Would Ryan Seacrest Do?) to really get into the red carpet correspondent zone. Except CC can't really hobble our intellect like that, it's just not possible.

Posted by karen at May 25, 2006 8:44 AM