June 19, 2006

Sunday Evening At The Cinema

Last night after spending the better part of the afternoon drinking beers and watching sports of all things at Pianos with some hyper-linkable friends, Cinecultist headed out to Brooklyn to meet our companion in crap movies, Lisa. Even though Josh had agreed to review The Lake House for the Binge, CC is a glutton for punishment and thought it'd be good fun to go with Lisa and in her nabe at the notoriously raucous Court Street theater. While the patrons weren't yelling anything of note at Keanu and Sandra on screen*, there sure were a lot of them there for a Sunday at 7 pm. Also, the management strategy at Court Street seems to be to have only one person at any one counter and to make sure they move at a leisurely pace.

Here was the line for popcorn, which CC and Lisa waited dutifully in for our over-priced snacks.

We also took a picture of the popcorn, in the hopes that after waiting 20 minutes to buy it that it would be the Best Popcorn of All Time. It wasn't.


An aside on popcorn and concessions in general: CC rarely buys food at the movies because a) it's really expensive and b) it's not very good. We'd much rather smuggle in something tasty and healthy like tamari almonds from Whole Foods, which we did for our Saturday movie. However, lots of people do eat this stuff (see picture above) and frankly even consuming a small popcorn makes us a little ill. Have you ever noticed the popcorn stomach feeling? It's that yucky, overly salted and sort of bloated sensation from eating all of that snack food through the previews and first 20 minutes of the movie. Blech.

CC likes participating in the rituals of moviegoing, but the side effects from that much salt and whatever the hell is in the fake butter stuff seems not worth the effort. Thoughts?

*We sort wish the patrons had been yelling stuff at the screen because at least that might have clued CC in on what the hell was going on with this film. It literally MADE NO SENSE. Magic mailboxes and time traveling letters aside, there were scenes where the sheer amount of didactic speech making made CC put our head in our hands. Comments about how "the house owns you" and "the light in Barcelona is different from the light in Tokyo" can go take a flying leap. Though as Lisa adroitly pointed out, Sandra and Keanu's time traveling dog looks like he is the same dog from Because of Winn-Dixie. So at least someone is getting some work out of dreadful movies like this.

Posted by karen at June 19, 2006 2:25 PM