June 21, 2006

File This Under 'Not Really Sure It's A Good Idea'

- Apple is in talks to make full length films available for download through iTunes. The part that gives us pause: in the New York Times article yesterday, the author suggests that someone might want to watch the Godfather on their iPod. Not to be one of those annoying movie purists but the article further goes on to point out that the resolution quality on an iTunes download is really best suited for watching the video on an iPod screen. Most movies, particularly shot in the scope of Francis Ford Coppola's flick, shouldn't be seen that small. It's just not right (says Cinecultist in our best Chris Rock voice).

- Motherfucker: the Movie. The part that gives us pause: that filmmaker David Casey had a "vision" before making the mere trailer for his documentary about the famed New York party. "While in the pit, directing our steadicam operator, I experienced the most intense emotion - looking through a viewfinder, yelling for him to tighten the shot, and holding up the barricade behind me (the audience was going insane!) - people were being crushed: screaming, euphoric. That morning, while sleeping, the trailer came to me - literally. I saw everything, set to Cosmic Dancer, image and emotion completely united . . . .within." Hyperbole of this magnitude shouldn't be rewarded. But what the hay, add the movie's MySpace page as one of your friends, we're not stopping you.

PS. The only time Cinecultist has ever seen anyone actually get punched in the face was at the Motherfucker party that featured Bloc Party. Does this further recommend the parties or freak you out? Could be a good litmus test to determine whether you should see the film.

Posted by karen at June 21, 2006 5:50 PM