July 12, 2006

Foreign Chefs, Lobsters with Guns: Humidity Kills All Causal Thinking

This post is all about the intersection of a few ideas floating around in the Cinecultist's humidity-addled noggin. Restaurants, cute chefs, lobsters with guns who speak Spanish. Try to follow us if you can:

- In today's slightly unconventional New York Times restaurant review, Frank and Pete—two writers who we read religiously so we feel we're on first name basis—teamed up to talk about a bunch of places where you can sample great chefs by doing some graze/tapas eating in the lounge. This is one of our favorite ways to eat during the summer, so light and booze-fueled.

- We also think chef Jean-George is sorta crush-worthy so this quote from the review about his appearances at Nougatine got us thinking about other cute chefs. "It is home to the restaurant’s open kitchen and, more frequently than at any other of his outposts, Mr. Vongerichten himself, who often wanders among the tables as he does in the formal dining room just a few feet away."

- Which THEN led to searching on YouTube for some cute chef footage to post and the discovery of the above Swedish Chef clip with the Mexican lobsters. Our 10-year-old brother Mark is totally into the Chef and since it was his birthday last week, this made us think of him. He'd completely crack up at the bandito lobsters saving their brother in the pot and thus feel it's worthy of this convoluted post.

Posted by karen at July 12, 2006 3:07 PM