July 17, 2006

Back and Forth On Film

Two interviews Cinecultist read today and enjoyed:

Actress, designer, mom and yoga studio founder Karen Allen was in town a few weeks ago for a Q&A post-Raiders of the Lost Ark screening at the Paris Theater. Tess Dawn Chan chatted with her for Papermag.com. Choice quotation -- TDC: So why do you think everyone has such a soft spot for Marion Ravenwood?

She's just a fantastic character. When I read the scenes they gave me to audition with and I saw they were introducing this girl who was living alone in a tavern in Nepal, making extra money by drinking off a table, I thought, wow. I mean, that's one of the all-time great introductions to a character. A lot of women have come up to me over the years and say, "I'd like to be just like her."

indieWire's Eugene Hernandez interviewed brothers and filmmakers, Jay Duplass and Mark Duplass today regarding their forthcoming indie, The Puffy Chair. Sounds like just the sort of tiny, creatively invigorating movie the Cinecultist loves. Choice quotation -- Did you go to film school? Or how did you learn about filmmaking? And any other insights you think might be interesting...

Jay Duplass: I went to film school at UT Austin. I learned a lot and that school's good for puking up all your bad movies early and quick. But ultimately, no one can teach you to be an artist. And it's rare that film school teachers are themselves successful filmmakers. Only way to do it is to afford yourself the opportunity to make movies, f'em up and then make more cuz art requires a lot of f'ing up.

Posted by karen at July 17, 2006 6:11 PM