July 19, 2006

Yet Another Reason To Never Leave Your Cable Internet Connection

In the continuing quest to provide purchasable content for all of those download-happy web monkeys, Variety reported late yesterday on CinemaNow testing technology to burn downloadable movies onto DVD. There's been a little of the usual heel dragging by content creators but surprisingly there's actually been a lot of enthusiasm for this tech from studios.

"Studios are eager to enable burnable downloads not just to boost online movie stores but also to enable more sales at physical retailers. Stores like Best Buy and Wal-Mart are expected to launch kiosks allowing shoppers to download and burn a DVD that isn't in stock. Up to now, Internet downloads have included a film with no extra content. But for movies that consumers can burn, CinemaNow will offer the exact same content as on the retail DVD, including menus and bonus features. Buyers can even download and print a cover to insert in a jewel case."

With a proposed cost of $9 to $15, roughly the cost of most commercial DVDs these days, expect this to be the first droplet in a much larger trend wave. Besides any advancement in movie nerds ability to stay in their apartments rather than interacting with the real live world, even in the form of a Best Buy clerk, is sure to be greeted by raves.

Posted by karen at July 19, 2006 3:20 PM