July 21, 2006

See 13 Tzameti With Gothamist

Georges Babluani in 13 TZAMETI, a Palm Pictures release 2006.jpg

Sometimes the Cinecultist gets really, really obsessive about a new movie and we've gone completely gaga for 13 Tzameti a new French film which will be starting a run at the Film Forum next weekend. We've arranged via Gothamist with Palm Pictures, the distributors of the film, to do an advance screening next Tuesday night which should be really fun. While it's usually joking when we call something a "taut psychological thriller" in this case, we're completely serious. This movie about a immigrant roofer in France who gets embroiled in an underworld roulette game had us on the edge of our seat, covering our eyes and then gasping audibly at the end. Plus, it's gorgeous to look at, shot in black and white and on 70 mm with Cinemascope, like an old film but made utterly modern.

We hate to tell you more about the plot because it would ruin the fun of the movie's clever story, so just email into Gothamist [gothamist contest at gmail dot com] for a free ticket or promise us you'll go next week to Film Forum. Promise? Okay, good.

Posted by karen at July 21, 2006 5:14 PM