August 4, 2006

On the Puffy Bandwagon


Cinecultist is all about The Puffy Chair these days, a small indie film made by the Duplass brothers on a shoestring budget, which is finally coming to New York for a run at the Angelicka starting this weekend. CC had a great chat with director Jay Duplass which is up on Gothamist now. For space considerations, we had to edit our interview down to the most pithy parts of Jay's responses and so didn't include this part where we discussed the great cluster of movie theaters in downtown New York. We were delighted learn though that Jay, like CC, is partial to the Cinema Village East from his salad days living here in the Eee Vee.

The one thing Iím the most excited about with the Puffy Chair which doesnít really mean that much is that when you open at the Angelicka, you most surely get a move over to the Cinema Village East, which isnít a premier theater by any means. Everyone always asks me, What does it mean to have your movie showing up at movie theaters? How surreal is that? It doesnít feel surreal at all, because three hours before every screening weíre running around the neighborhood. Weíre putting flyers up and weíre making sure that the colors look right and that itís not going to get screwed up. So it feels very hands on, it doesnít feel like Warner Brothers picked up our movie and bombed it out to every theater in the country. But with the Cinema Village East, I think itís going to mean a lot when it comes to my little neighborhood theater. Thatís the one thing Iím looking forward to the most.

Now that's what you call keepin' it real.

Production still from The Puffy Chair starring Mark Duplass, co-written by Mark and Jay Duplass. In this scene, Josh holds up his boombox to his girlfriend, Emily's apartment playing "Transatlanticism" by Death Cab for Cutie. As people who know our taste can attest, that was obviously the moment when Cinecultist knew we were deeply in love with this movie.

Posted by karen at August 4, 2006 5:01 PM