August 10, 2006

(Not So) Slammin'!


The dance school musical is a much maligned genre. With cheese-tastic plot lines, fancy footwork and a little teen smooching, they can be some of the most purely entertaining movies. When Cinecultist was a young girl we lived on them, despite our own less than stellar abilities on the dance floor. Fame, Flashdance, The Red Shoes, and we'd argue Save the Last Dance and Center Stage, all deserve a rental if you've not seen them recently.

Sadly, the newest addition to the pack Step Up, isn't worth canonization. CC caught an advance screening with our dance movie connoisseur friend Lisa and we both agreed it was less than slammin', in the poetic words of STLD. The dancing isn't as memorable as you'd expect from Anne Fletcher, the choreographer of Bring It On, and CC wasn't swept up in the implausible spectacle the way you'd hope. Maybe if Fletcher had been a bit more blatantly po-mo the movie would've been better.

In an interview in this week's Time Out New York, she plays dumb to any kind of dance movie references in her film.

TONY: Could you talk about the references to dance movies in Step Up? AF: What do you mean, honey? Iím sorry.

TONY: Itís just that I saw moments from Flashdance, Dirty Dancing, FameÖ
AF: Itís interesting because that was never in my thinking, ever. I canít respond! [Laughs] I never, on any level, tried to do any sort of tribute or hat tip to any of those movies. Iím dead serious: Iím not that clever.

Posted by karen at August 10, 2006 11:25 AM