September 26, 2006

Not As Down As We Thought

Even though the Cinecultist lives deep in the East Village, spends much time with various indie music bloggers and recently started offering a downtown tour guide service,* according to a quiz on CNN, we're only moderately down with the scene. Their special report on Inside the Indie Scene features tutorials on the hip and happening, plus this quiz that wanted to show up our skillz.

Here was the smack down we got with our results:

You got 6 out of 10 correct on your first attempt.
Moderately down: You can certainly hang, but can you hang with the best of them? Not quite yet. Keep doing what you're doing, though, and soon you'll be quoting obscure movie and song lyrics in everyday life like it's going out of style.

This is so humiliating! We can defend all of our four supposedly sub-par responses with dissertations! Surely this is further fodder for the uber downtown criticism that every time mainstream media latches on to our culture, it's always about three years too late. So there, CNN. [via Jane]

*Our most recent client from Boston was making snarky remarks about St. Marks in under three days. We should start offering a money back guarantee.

Posted by karen at September 26, 2006 9:00 PM