October 2, 2006

Hob Nobbing, Shmoozing at NYFF Opening Night Party

Every year the New York Film Festival throws a big shindig at Tavern on the Green to fête the festival and Cinecultist has always been curious to attend. So when our friend William invited CC to be his plus one at said black tie event, we hopped at the opportunity. The party included a full dinner buffet, tasty deserts and an open bar for a few random celebs, film society members, New York film types and their hangers on, like CC.

While we didn't snap a photo of gorgeous guest Helen Mirren who was holding court at the Miramax table, we did take a few others seen below.

It was 11 pm when the party kicked off, so unfortunately we only had room for dessert—that and a few generously poured glasses of white wine.

In the outside courtyard area of Tavern on the Green which abuts Central Park, they have tons of lanterns and twinkle lights strung up in the trees. CC is such a sucker for twinkle lights, they're lovely.

Our evening's invitation poses with Cinecultist's pass to the festival. (No, that's not actually a picture of us on the pass but we've still been able to get into the screenings, fortunately.)

Posted by karen at October 2, 2006 11:07 AM