October 5, 2006

Chris O'Donnell Inspires New Catchphrases

Is there any current TV that is more of an estrogen-minefield than Grey's Anatomy? Cinecultist felt like such a chick with a capitol C watching it night with a few glasses of red wine at a friend's. Of course, this may have also been because we were discussing how h-o-t hot Chris O'Donnell has been lately as Meredith's other suitor Finn, ie. not Dr. McDreamy. Finn's a vet, brings Meredith's depressed roommate lunch AND there's something about his wobbly, stubbled chin that's oh so appealing.

Looking over Chris's filmography, it's an intriguing waxing and waning of hotness depending on his roles, almost like a parabola of hot*. Follow along at home:

School Ties (1992) Who is that dapper young man in a blazer?
Scent of a Woman (1992) Hooo-ah hello
Circle of Friends (1995) The height of his powers, no need to say more
Mad Love (1995) Fading, as he likes crazy girls
Batman Forever (1995) Errr, he and Val Kilmer seem awful close
Batman & Robin (1997) Almost repulsive with that cod piece
The Bachelor (1999) Rock bottom, we're turned off just thinking about it
Kinsey (2004) Five years later he's a swinging sex researcher, tell us more
Grey's Anatomy (present) Now he's a sensitive puppy doctor? Bring it!

*"Parabola of Hot" is now a patent-pending catch phrase for the Cinecultist, so don't even think about adopting it as your own.

An example of What Not to Wear, circa 1997.

Posted by karen at October 5, 2006 11:49 PM