January 19, 2007

Center Of Movie World Moves West

Sigh. It seems like most people in the movie universe are in Park City, UT this week for the 2007 Sundance Film Festival. Unfortunately, the Cinecultist is home in the East Village enjoying a few vicarious snow flakes today and the bounteous web coverage of said festivities. It's not the same, but CC was never really the puffer jacket and ear-covered headband wearing type anyhow.

Some other spaces to visit for vicarious thrills:
Our dear editor at Janemag.com, Julie is out there as is fellow NYC movie blogger Stu VanAirsdale of The Reeler.

Also, we were sad again reading today in the NY Times David Carr's article about slain filmmaker Adrienne Shelly. He describes her movie, Waitress which stars Keri Russell and has its premiere at the festival as, "A tragicomic mash-up with a high/low music score, it ends in a very significant hug, one that in light of subsequent events could be easily mined for allegorical meaning."

Posted by karen at January 19, 2007 5:01 PM