March 30, 2007

ScarJo Shops Like A Real New Yorker

The more Cinecultist reads about Scarlett Johansson, the more she seems like totally the kind of girl we could hang out with. (A friend of CC's one time unwittingly ended up at a birthday party for her and said she was very normal and friendly. Apparently though, a glowering Josh Hartnett in the corner, not so much so.) In the cover story* from this month's Vogue, ScarJo shows some of her true NY street smarts while engaging in a favorite full contact sport of locals: shopping in SoHo.

As we left, Johansson's face hardened with determination. We were almost in SoHo, and she suddenly began walking fast, intent on finding a substitute black peacoat right away. "Hard left here," she barked, and we sprinted for two blocks and entered a fashionable boutique called If. Johansson shops the way she talks, directly and forcefully, flipping through the racks of black Comme des Garçons coats like an executive secretary riffling through a Rolodex. Only one came close, and it was too big. We headed for A.P.C. and came up empty again. "I may have to go to Bloomingdale's," she said resignedly. "I once needed a raincoat that was waterproof. And when I found one at Bloomingdale's, I asked the saleslady if it was really water-resistant. She just picked up a glass of water and tossed it on the coat. I said, 'I'll take it.'"

It was dark when we left A.P.C., and for a second we were both disoriented and not sure of the way to Greene Street. The block was almost deserted, but Johansson spied a parking-lot attendant across the street and yelled at him for directions. He rather vaguely shook his left arm and said, "That way." Johansson wasn't sure he had it right. She cocked her head, put her hand on her hip, and saucily asked, "Are you lying?"

*Word to the wise, said story was written by Alessandra Stanley, one of our least favorite cultural critics from the NY Times, so we won't vouch for the accuracy of the piece. Though if anyone could vet Stanley thoroughly, it would have to be magazine fact checkers from Vogue. CC does trust in the abilities of our Condé brethren, if not in Stanley.

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