June 13, 2007

Potable Quotables Courtesy of Tina Brown

Former Vanity Fair, New Yorker and Talk editor Tina Brown is everywhere these days promoting her new book on Princess Diana, The Diana Chronicles. After reading Gawker for as long as we have, it's hard to be a New York journalist and not be a little fascinated by this seemingly bat-shit insane brilliant lady. Also, she tells a great name-dropping anecdote, and Cinecultist knows from name-dropping anecdote tellers.

In this week's profile from New York magazine which we were reading during our commute this morning:

"Last week, [Brown] lost several pounds of her “book weight” at the southwest’s Golden Door spa, where she endured bone-cracking Thai massages, early-morning hikes, and upper-thigh-reducing exercise classes. “It’s high school for power women and rich wives,” she declares. “I bonded with the V.P. of Saks and Lauren Graham from The Gilmore Girls. At lunch, Lauren used to shout, ‘This is 350 calories? There’s nothing here! I demand a recount!’ ”

Heh. Lauren's so Lorelai, even without Amy Sherman-Palladino writing dialog for her.

CC also has the VF with the Diana book excerpt in it at home, but it's still in its plastic wrapping. Frankly, the amount of hype surrounding this issue is daunting, between Brown and the Bono edit job and the Africa topic and the über celebs gracing the cover in twos. It may seem weird to be intimidated by a lil' ol' glossy mag issue but there you are.

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