June 22, 2007

Claire Danes and Luke Wilson, Movie Quality Black Holes


Some of the worst movies we've seen lately have included The Wendell Baker Story (made in 2005 but only just recently released), You Kill Me (out this weekend), and Evening (on June 29). Hackneyed, tired, life-less and had the Cinecultist checking our watch about every 15 minutes. In attempts to put our finger on what sucked so hard about all three, Cinecultist has come to realize the blame should be laid at the doorsteps of Claire Danes and Luke Wilson. Are there two more affected and limp leading performers working today? Both actors had promise in the early part of their careers (see: My So Called Life/Baz Luhrman's Romeo + Juliet and Rushmore/The Royal Tenenbaums), but then the quality of their stilted performances went seriously downhill to a level where they should practically be banished from Hollywood for crimes against the movie-going public. Alex and Emma? Mini's First Time? Brokedown Palace? Stage Beauty? And of course, their movie together, The Family Stone? Oh, the humanity!

Now if CC sees either of them in the cast line up for a new release, we just sigh a loud sigh of dejection knowing the movie will surely suck, even if it has loads of other stuff going for it. That's how strong the pull of Daines and Wilson's black hole o' talent. Light goes in there, but it never escapes. Please join Cinecultist in boycotting any of their further work in an attempts to free the silver screen from the tyrannous grip of their suckage. The world will thank you for it.

Posted by karen at June 22, 2007 11:03 AM
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