July 30, 2007

Cry A Little Black & White, Existential Tear: Ingmar Bergman Dies

Swedish director Ingmar Bergman passed away this morning at 89 years old. Cinecultist blogged about it over on Gothamist and GreenCine Daily has a nice round up of links.

CC's only recently become more acquainted with Bergman's movies. After muscling through Persona while working on our undergrad film studies minor, we always thought his work would be too "art cinema" for our taste. But in fact, his movies are often quite funny, sweet and bracingly humane. Only a few months ago, we rented the miniseries version of Scenes from a Marriage and even recommended it to our mainstream-minded mother as a Must See. Bergman filmed some shockingly honest interchanges between characters. You can hardly believe anyone could admit such naked and brutal things to another person, let alone film them. As we learned from the docu Bergman's Island, Ingmar had a pretty tumultuous personal life, but what a film artist. Very sad news indeed.

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