December 26, 2007

CC Celeb Sights, Even In Menlo Park

Well, it's true: you can take the girl out of Manhattan, but you can't take the Gawker stalker out of the girl. Cinecultist is currently in lovely Northern California visiting our family for the holidays and went to Barone's, a favorite lunch place, for a panini and a latte on Sunday. Who should saunter up, decked out in sunglasses, heavy dark pea coat, navy knit cap, scruffy facial hair and attitude but James Franco. He seemed to be there for lunch with his extended family too (double GS points for spotting James's grandmother) and was trying to keep it mellow. CC gave him a few extra looks to cement our id, but hopefully he thought we just recognized him from high school or something.

The only problem with this thrilling sighting? Our less pop culturally literate family's luke warm response. No one really seemed to know who James Franco is, and were less than totally psyched when Cinecultist discovered via Wikipedia that he's just a year older than us and attended Palo Alto High School. James Franco is practically our peeps! We share that Menlo Park/Palo Alto/Stanford frame of reference with Daniel from Freaks and Geeks! As Bonnie Fuller says, celebrities really are like us.

Posted by karen at December 26, 2007 9:00 AM
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