January 14, 2008

The East East Village Tour

Over the years, Cinecultist has spent some very enjoyable hours wandering around that part of the village connected by the L train, Williamsburg. Recently, we hung out with author (and our friend) Jami Attenberg and discussed her nabe, which is featured prominently in Jami's new book, The Kept Man, for an article on Metromix. Be sure to click through to the excellent accompanying slide show featuring more of our interview and wonderful photographs by Jori Klein.

Cinecultist didn't include this in our article, because it was more a feature than a review, but we really liked this book. The story—about a former nightlife girl married to a big shot artist who has been in a coma for six years—is one that lingers. Jami has a great observational eye, she sees things with her prose in interesting ways. Also, Jarvis isn't a wholly sympathetic protagonist. She's the kind of girl that knows she has an effect on men, and struggles with wanting their friendship and yet also wanting them to want her. She's complicated, and in a good way. Jami mentioned that there's been some interest in perhaps turning the book into a movie, which we'd love to see. Williamsburg circa 2005, just the big waves of gentrification hit, would make for a good movie setting.

Jami will be reading from her book a bunch of times over the next few weeks, so if you can attend one in New York or further afield, we highly recommend you do.

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