February 12, 2007

Even EW Thinks the Pop Culture Savvy Are Romantically Challenged

Pop Culture Quiz

Please note on the graphic above the date and times potential contestants in the Vh1 and Entertainment Weekly World Series of Pop Culture 2007 can enter. Yes, that's right even those major arbiters of of all things pop think the brainiest of our bunch won't have plans on Valentine's Day night. Either that or they think we have the kind of dates who won't mind the line "hold off on the nuzzling there honey bunch while I answer a few tough timed questions about music, movies, TV and video games." There's not a lot of people who think scoring "a spot on the Wild Card Team" is a turn on, so if you've got one boy oh boy, hold on to him or her.

July 18, 2006

Take It To The Streets (Or To Your Video Camera)

After yet another marathon session parked on the couch analyzing the intricacies of Meredith's on again/off again with Dr. McDreamy or that season 2 Project Runway recap, you figured you could surely come up with better. Here's your chance to put your money (and video camera) where you mouth is. The New York Televison Festival, MSN and IFC/Rainbow are hosting a contest to win a chance to pitch your idea to a panel of TV execs and get a $8,000 development deal from IFC and Rainbow Media.

All you need, besides that brilliant idea you dreamed up over happy hour drinks last week with the girls, is a one minute video submitted online before August 4. Then the best 50 will be chosen by the New York Television Fest to have their entries posted on MSN where the masses will vote American Idol-style. The top 10 from that contest will pitch live during the fest in Manhattan between September 12 through 17.

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May 25, 2006

Jessica Alba, Stop Sending Us All Those Emails!

Today Cinecultist was scanning through our Junk Mail folder to make sure nothing that was actual mail had gotten caught in there when we saw an email from Jessica Alba. Usually Jessica writes to us at our Gmail account -- ha ha j/k, as the kids say these days in the IMs -- so we checked it out. Turns out Teen People and the MTV movie awards are sponsoring a competition to pick a fan to interview celebs on the red carpet of the award ceremony. The winner of an essay contest about why you'd be perfect on the red carpet in 100 words or less gets to go to L.A., gets to stay two nights in a "cool hotel," and attend the show on June 8. Neato keen, right?

Unfortunately, Cinecultist thinks our essay about how unfazed we can be in the face of celebs (last weekend CC rode in the elevator with Katie Couric at Barney's and didn't even blink) and the fact that we can string together a sentence on the spot better than most E! correspondents wouldn't get us the gig. Maybe if we punctuate every sentence with an exclamation point and use teenage phrases like "awesome" and "totes" every other word? We have to get into that mindset of WWRSD (aka What Would Ryan Seacrest Do?) to really get into the red carpet correspondent zone. Except CC can't really hobble our intellect like that, it's just not possible.

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December 12, 2005

Match Point Screening This Week


Is there anything more exciting than the release of a new Woody Allen movie? Okay, scratch that. Is there anything more thrilling than the release of a new Woody Allen movie that's actually supposed to be good? No siree, says the Cinecultist. Hurrah for Match Point! And we saw Anything Else and Melinda and Melinda in the theaters, so we know of what we speak.

The good people at DreamWorks know CC loves the WA and so do our readers, so we have the happy news of tickets to an advance screening this week and posters to give away. The film will be this Thursday, Dec. 15 on the Upper East Side and we have 10 admit 2 plus 20 posters up for grabs.

For the tix, please e-mail CC the answer to the following:

The least likely Woody Allen and hot, young ingénue pairing in one of his films was? And why.

Brevity is the soul of wit, here people -- no graduate school essays necessary. Send all answers to karen [at] cinecultist dot com. Winners will be notified Wednesday morning via e-mail. Good luck neurotics and hypochondriacs alike!

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August 10, 2005

How Dirty Can You Be?

At a party a few weeks ago, Cinecultist was standing around having the "what have you seen lately" conversation with a few friends. CC was probably talking up Broken Flowers or Wedding Crashers or something, we can't quite remember. What we do recall is that our friend Ricky told us he'd just seen the Aristocrats and thought it was hilarious. Which really makes quite a lot of sense if you know how he pays his rent, ie. via the site he runs with his friends, College Humor.

Anyhow, CC has no personal recommendation to offer about the Aristocrats because we still haven't seen it yet, however if you have and thought it was the most awesome thing your twisted little mind could ever consume, we suggest you enter the "Be An Aristocrat" contest.

THINKFilm and their promotional partners, Heavy.com and iFilm.com, invite fans of THE ARISTOCRATS to participate in a contest to come up with their own version of THE ARISTOCRATS joke in two different categories: Live Action and Animation. Winners from each category will have their rendition of the joke presented on THE ARISTOCRATS DVD and each will receive $1,000 cash. The contest runs from July 29th through September 30th, 2005. More information regarding submissions via the official website.

In the meantime, here's a link to the South Park version of the Aristocrat joke which may be the first No Safe For Work thing we've ever posted here. Huh. Go fig.

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