October 29, 2003

NYC Celebrity (Sorta) Sightings

Last week Cinecultist brought to you the sad tale of our B-grade and lower celebrity sighting tendencies. We put it to our faithful readers (all five of you hearty souls) to send in your own embarrassing tales. Let's just say, the cinecultists did not disappoint. Thus, we bring you this week's installment of Celeb-a-cultist judged on a scale of humiliation from "funny story you might tell while drunk" all the way up to "wouldn't confess to your religious leader of choice."

Maggi P. told CC she saw Drew and a member of the band-du-jour the Strokes. This is the kind of sighting that does not count. Send that to Choire at Gawker please, that's much too celebtastic for this forum. Catching glimpse of Tatum O'Neal, Craig Bierko and Jackie Mason are highlights of Gary P.'s life in the West Village. Gary perhaps should get out more, but not entirely cringe inducing. Casey B. tells us he saw Joe Levy from the Rolling Stones near Katz's on Houston. This gets points for being in our 'hood but then, the score goes down when it's a music person. Granted, he did recognize him from a "Behind the Music" episode, but film and television, this is where we know bad celebs from at cinecultist.

Runner up goes to Betsy B. for telling CC how she recognized this actor from the ballet opus Center Stage, Randy Pearlstein at Park in Chelsea. Only after second reading of said e-mail, did we realize she recognized an extra from Center Stage. And tried to pick him up. Unsuccessfully. Kudos, Betsy, kudos.

But the winner goes to our friend Lisa G., a newcomer to New York who while on the Upper East Side last week heard a man say into a cellphone "Hey Bill, it's Tom Arnold." And it was that Tom Arnold. She would've walked straight past him, yet he identified himself to his friend -- by first and last name. Totally D-list, totally humiliating. The trip to Aruba is yours Lisa, congrats! Direct all further Celeb-a-cultist sightings to karenATcinecultistDOTcom and we'll post them as need dictates. Happy celeb (sorta) watching!

Posted by karen at October 29, 2003 7:45 AM